Energy walk around

An energy walk around is undertaken to reduce wasteful practices and to establish which appliances, equipment or plant, will need replacing.

An energy walk around is a simple tour or inspection of a building or site. Armed with a checklist, you simply walk around the Church Buildings in your Church and undertake a systematic visual inspection of each area. The inspection should note:

  • Efficient Operation - is plant being leftswitched on or controlled incorrectly?
  • Inefficient Equipment - does equipment need maintenance/repair? Can it be replaced with more efficient alternative?
  • Building Energy Efficiency - is being lost through the building fabric? Can natural
    light be increased?

The information gathered should help construct an action plan to reduce energy consumption on the site. More information on how to develop an action plan can be found in the Energy Management Tools section of the Appendices.

How to undertake a survey

Step 1

Initially refer to these Energy Management Tools and complete/update where appropriate.

  1. Occupancy Profile - update this document before starting
  2. Refer to the  Key Cost Reduction Check List of simple energy saving measures
  3. Refer to the  Survey Check List 
  4. Refer to the Low Cost Replacement List
  5. Complete the Controls Sheet

Step 2

Agree a date with a colleague to undertake the survey

Step 3

Decide on where you will start the survey, what you will inspect and where the survey will end (refer to checklist and energy consumption charts)

Step 4

Familiarise yourselves with the energy consuming plant and equipment that you will be inspecting. Make sure you understand which areas they heat, cool, light etc and how they are controlled.

Step 5

Undertake the survey using the  Survey Check List  and the  Low Cost Replacement List, compare the outcomes of the survey to the remaining checklists - the  Occupancy Profile Key Cost Reduction Check List, and  Controls Sheet - and note areas where energy could be used more efficiently.

When to undertake a survey

  • When equipment is in use
  • Or when energy equipment stop being used
  • At specific times relevant to the operation of the plant and equipment to be inspected 

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