The Methodist hub at COP26

Our friends in Glasgow will offer a warm welcome to visitors to the COP26 in November. They will host events, exhibitions and space to rest at Woodlands Methodist Church. They have created a dedicated website which outlines all that they are doing at this crucial time. You can find it here.

The Church will also host a series of events organised by our young climate activists, all of which will be livestreamed. 




Panel discussion - 'What does the Methodist Church itself do about Climate Change?' 

This took place on Tuesday 2 November at 7pm:  Watch again here 


CJ4A Live

During the past year a group of young people from across the globe have been developing a movement of activists within the Church. Climate Justice 4 All (CJ4A) have produced monthly resources and films highlighting the devastating effect that climate change is already having across the world.

The CJ4A Team will be in Glasgow for the duration of the COP26 conference. On 6th and 7th November, they will hold the ‘CJ4A LIVE’ that will take place at Woodlands Methodist Church and will be livestreamed on their social media platforms. This will be the opportunity to share and listen to the voices from around the world, from the workers, volunteers, and partners.

Find CJ4A and follow livestreamed events on:

Global lecture series

In addition a programme of lectures will also be livestreamed from 4th - 9th November:

Exhibitions at Woodlands Methodist Church

CJ4A Global Art

An exhibition of artworks from the CJ4A volunteers across the globe, Woodlands Methodist Church, 2 - 12 November.



Polish icon painter and contemporary artist, Basia Mindewicz, will be exhibiting works from 1 - 7 November on the theme of  "Glorious creation, beloved creation: all loved and equal". Find out more about Basia here.


Paintings: Trees; movement and stillness

Local artist, Andrew Zahn, will exhibit works on the theme of “Trees; movement and stillness”. 


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