reIMAGINE Circuits 2018 Planning for Life

In February and March 2018 local leaders from around the Methodist Church gathered at four one-day conferences in Newcastle, Manchester, London and Bristol to explore how to reIMAGINE Circuits.

The talks from the Manchester day were recorded and can be viewed below. 

Key-note Speakers: Jorge Acevedo and Patti Nemazie 

Jorge and Patti are pastors from Grace Church, a multi-site United Methodist  congregation with five campuses in  Florida. More details of this church can be found on their website:


Additional speakers offered examples of new and encouraging ways of working from around the UK to reflect on what we can learn and apply in our local context. 

Anthony Clowes, Potters Church, Stoke-on-Trent, spoke about his experience of planting a new congregation in a tired building. 

Elaine Lindridge, Mission Enabler, Newcastle District, described developments in the North East and reminded us of the current focus on planning for growth. 


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