The City Centre List

The Methodist Church holds a City Centre List which includes Churches and Projects that have been considered by both the District Policy Committee and The Methodist Council to meet the criteria.

A City Centre Church or Project within Methodism is recognised to have at least four out of five of these dominant features. 

  • The main features of the environment are retail, civic, leisure, judicial, commercial and educational institutions serving a dense population.
  • The significant population is transient.
  • There are obvious extremes of power and powerlessness, wealth and poverty.
  • There are obvious changes of community between the daytime and night time economies.
  • The church acts as a magnet to various groups of people.

Churches on the registered list are governed Standing orders 440 - other churches chose to be affiliated to the network - as they carry out related work but they do not work under the rights, responsibilities and privileges laid out in SO 440. 


Features often experienced in City Centre Ministry

  • A wide range of demands and opportunities - with a pressure to respond to everything.
  • Working collaboratively is expected - local teams, secular agencies and ecumenically.
  • The magnet effect brings a higher proportion of the poor and vulnerable to the church's door.
  • Consistency of presence gives the church greater impact in the community.
  • The Minister is often required to speak on behalf of the Methodist Church.
  • The Ministers often live in a different area to that in which they minister.
  • Engagement with city life is central to the calling and mission of the church.
  • The demands and opportunities require constant theological and missional discernment - does the opportunity fit within the long term vision of the Church?
  • Being in a commercial environment the expectation is that everything we do has to be of a high standard.
  • City Centre ministry can be isolating.
  • The minister often needs to develop specialisms.
  • There is an expectation that the minister manage a large site/plant or teams of people.
  • There is an expectation that city centre churches/circuits will take on interns/students/ placements/probationers.
  • There are knowledge gains and expertise that might be shared across the Connexion, with city centre churches acting as potential centres for learning and sharing experience.


The list of City Centre Churches approved by the Methodist Council (2017)

Name of Church (or Project) and Circuit


The Methodist Church at Coventry Central Hall - Coventry and Nuneaton

5. Birmingham

The Church at Carrs Lane, Birmingham (5/1)

5. Birmingham

St Andrew's, Worcester

5. Birmingham

Wigan Methodist Mission

6. Bolton & Rochdale

St John's Northgate Methodist Church (Gloucester) Gloucestershire Circuit

7. Bristol

Burslem Methodist Mission (Swan Bank)

11. Chester and Stoke-on-Trent

Longton Central Hall - STOKE SOUTH CIRCUIT(11/20)

11. Chester and Stoke-on-Trent

Truro (with Tresillian) Methodist Church: Truro Circuit 12/04

12. Cornwall

Elvet Methodist Church - Durham & Deerness Valley Circuit 13/11

13. Darlington

North Road Methodist Church - Durham & Deerness Valley Circuit

13. Darlington

Linthorpe Road Methodist Church and Resource Centre, Middlebrough and Eston Circuit.

13. Darlington

Leeds Methodist Mission

16. Leeds

Somewhere Else

18. Liverpool

Charing Cross Methodist Church

18. Liverpool

Tiviot Dale Methodist Church

19. Manchester & Stockport

The Newcastle Central and East Circuit 20/1

20. Newcastle upon Tyne

The Cornerstone, Lancaster Methodist Church, North Lancashire Circuit

21. Lancashire

Nottingham City Mission (Comprising the Life at the Centre and Brideway Hall)

22. Nottingham & Derby

Bridge Street Methodist Church, Mansfield, Sherwood Forest Circuit

22. Nottingham & Derby

Bishop Street Methodist Church

23. Northampton

Plymouth Mission Circuit

24. Plymouth & Exeter

Victoria Hall Methodist Church,  Sheffield Circuit

25. Sheffield


27. West Yorkshire

Central Hall Methodist Church, Walsall Circuit

28. Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury

Darlington Street Methodist Church, Wolverhampton Circuit

28. Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury

Trinity Methodist Church, York Circuit

29. York & Hull

Central Methodist Church, York

29. York & Hull

City of Edinburgh Methodist Church

31. Scotland

Methodist Central Hall Westminster (35/3)

35. London

Chelsea Methodist Church

35. London

West London Mission

35. London

St.Peter's Methodist Church, Canterbury

36. South East

Beacon Church & Christian Centre, Dover

36. South East

Central Methodist Church, Eastbourne

36. South East

Hull International House



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