Leading into Change webinar: 14/9/22 (am) and 20/10/22 (eve)

Great change requires great leaders. Great leaders are transformational: they long to see their churches and communities flourish and start to look more like the Kingdom of God. They can see beyond all the demands of 'right now' in order to see God's Kingdom come. Transformational leadership is about healthy, Christ-shaped use of power and influence in Christian communities to welcome in God’s preferred future.

In these regular webinars, Emma and Nigel from the Transformational Leadership Learning Community (TLLC) explore ideas and skills that have the potential to help us lead better, for the good of our communities and churches. Whether you're thinking about joining the TLLC, or just interested in developing leadership in your team, you will find something to get you thinking and acting differently. Anyone interested in exploring leadership is welcome.

Register for the webinar on 14th September, 10.30am-12noon

Register for the webinar on 20th October, 7.30-9pm

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