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On this page you will find details of upcoming Zoom meetings and webinars hosted by the Evangelism and Growth Team. Join with us as we reflect on our practice together and spur each other on to live out our renewed commitment to becoming a growing, evangelistic, justice-seeking, inclusive church. Click on the webinar title to register and receive joining instructions. The auto live transcript option in Zoom is enabled for all our webinars.

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Evangelism for leaders

This course is for leaders who really want to reach new people but also understand that evangelism is a word with baggage. It's for leaders who want to discover their inner evangelists - and it's for those who'd rather they remained undiscovered! It's for leaders who are thinking: 'evangelism was never part of my training for ministry' or 'if I mention evangelism in my place, everyone will run a mile and never come back'. It's for leaders who are wondering how to help others grow in confidence in their faith. It's for leaders who know they have a responsibility when it comes to evangelism, but are busy people trying to keep the show on the road. It's for leaders who are questioning whether evangelism is possible in a holistic, inclusive, relational and authentic way.  

This is a free course for all leaders in the Methodist Church (lay and ordained, paid and unpaid, including but not exclusive to Chairs, Superintendents, Presbyters, Deacons, Local Lay Pastors, Pioneers, Children, Youth and/or Family Workers, Chaplains, Church or Circuit Stewards, or leaders of mission, social action or outreach projects).  Dates for 2021 and registration details are available here.  If you have any questions please contact Holly Adams, Evangelism and Contemporary Culture Officer.


Changing faith journeys - the impact of church building closures during the pandemic 

Date and time: Tuesday 28th September, 3 - 4pm 

We know that church changed due to the restrictions of the pandemic. You may know how that affected church leadership, services, and other church activities – but do you know how the changes affected church participation? 

 In research co-sponsored by the Methodist Church, the Church of England, and Hope Together, we gathered people from a wide variety of church backgrounds to talk to us in depth about their experiences. In this webinar we will share with you the 7 most influential factors that determined whether someone thrived or dived during the pandemic. We will share news of why some people now have a deeper faith whilst for others their faith has become more fragile. We will discuss what impact we believe the changes will have on church engagement in future, including the impact on joining or leaving churches. 

The changes were not as simple as switching church services from the buildings to online. The decisions faced now are not as simple as deciding whether to continue online or not. 

Presented by Benita Hewitt, 9 dot research, Bev Botting, Head of Statistics and Mission, Church of England, Trey Hall, Director of Evangelism and Growth, The Connexional Team The Methodist Church, Rachel Jordan-Wolf, Director of Hope Together and Emma Buchan, Director of Thy Kingdom Come.  REGISTER NOW


Lessons from a year on social media

Wednesday 20 October, 7:30 - 8.30pm 

What's the most successful time of day to post on Twitter? What's the biggest mistake you can make on Facebook? How do you get hundreds of young people to follow you on Instagram?

Okay, we'll be honest - we don't entirely know the answers to these questions either. But we have learnt a few things over the past year, so we invite you to join Holly Adams and Abi Jarvis to chat about the highs and lows of a year running the Evangelism & Growth team's social media channels, and how you can learn from our mistakes and successes.

This webinar will be available to view on Facebook as well as on Zoom, so there will be no breakout rooms. REGISTER NOW


An intergenerational approach to A Methodist Way of Life

Tuesday 23 November 7.30-9.00

How do we encourage every generation to grow in faith together? What can we learn from each as we walk our discipleship journeys? A Methodist Way of Life is a framework that will support you as you develop a discipleship culture that will support every generation in living out their faith in evangelism, service, worship and learning. Join us to listen to stories, learn about some helpful tools and be encouraged and refreshed in your work. We’ll also be presenting a new resource for Intergenerational Worship. This webinar in being run by Abi Jarvis (Evangelism and Growth), Gail Adcock (Children, Youth & Families) and Carla Quenet (Learning Network). REGISTER NOW


Everyone an evangelist, even Chaplains?

Date and time: Tuesday 23rd November 2021

19:00 – 20:30


So much of what it means to be a chaplain is also what it means to be an evangelist. Chaplains and evangelists are motivated by faith to go wherever people are, being guests in different contexts and communities, building relationships with grace and vulnerability and sharing in the good news with those they meet. How can chaplains more fully embrace their inner evangelist, and what can our wider church learn from chaplains about evangelism? This is a chance for chaplains of all kinds to come together to consider how chaplaincy offers opportunities for faith sharing and how that might be approached appropriately. With an opening theological reflection on evangelism in chaplaincy, there will be time for story-sharing and discussing together what fruitful models of faith sharing look like in your contexts. This will be an evening of sharing, encouragement and challenge and will be hosted by Gary Hopkins, the Connexional Ministry Development Officer who oversees chaplaincy, and Holly Adams, Evangelism and Contemporary Culture Officer. Join us as we open the conversation and begin journeying together in what it means to be chaplains and evangelists, helping others to see God's love in the world.

Running a diverse, inclusive online small group

Monday 29 November 7.00-8.45pm

Is your small group an echo chamber or a marketplace of ideas? Disciples learn from each other, but if our small groups are filled with people just like us, our potential for growth is limited. Join Andy Fishburne and Jill Marsh for an exploration of how to facilitate small groups that will welcome and include people with different experiences and perspectives. There will also be an opportunity to discuss some practical tips for making digital meetings more accessible. REGISTER NOW

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