Every Church Growing webinars

Churchgoing during the pandemic: Missional opportunities and challenges, 29th April 2021

Dr Bev Botting and Dr Rachel Jordan-Wolf present the findings of recent research into churchgoing during the pandemic.

Community engagement through Christian festivals, 28th April 2021

Holly, Elizabeth and Emma discuss ways of engaging with our communities and sharing faith through the various festivals of the liturgical year... including some you may not have heard of.

Community engagement beyond lockdown: What is God asking of us now?, 14th April 2021

Eunice and Emma from the E&G Team talk to Sarah Wallace from the Just Finance Foundation, Martin Graham from As One and Rachel Jordan-Wolf from HOPE Together.

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Mission planning and 3Generate 365

Emma Nash from Evangelism and Growth discusses mission planning and 3Gen 365 with Meg Prowting and Lynne Norman from the Children, Youth and Families Team.


Community engagement beyond COVID-19, 12th May 2020

Featuring input from Deacon Tracey Hume, Revd Dr Jill Marsh, Emma Nash and Mark "Tizz" Tizzard

Missio Dei: What lockdown is teaching us about mission, 26th May 2020

With Bridget Down, Jessica Dalton, Revd Peter Dominey and Emma Nash (please note: this recording is in two parts)

Growing whole-life disciples in larger Methodist churches - 18th June and 9th July 2020

With Neil Hudson from the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

So, what now? The Church comes out of lockdown, 10th July 2020

With Neil Harland, Nigel Pimlott, Brian Smith and Holly Adams.


Mission planning for corona-resilience, 16th July 2020

With the Durham and Deerness Valley Methodist Circuit, the Darlington District mission enabler, Helle Sewell, and Fiona Fidgin from the Learning Network. 

The following resources are offered by Durham and Deerness Valley, for use by others:

Template for Church Council Agenda, designed around Our Calling

Our Calling in cruciform

Planning to reopen for mission, 9th September 2020

Emma Nash and Nigel Pimlott introduce the new mission planning materials produced by the Evangelism and Growth Team, and discuss how mission planning can help us as we plan to reopen. With Tizz Tizzard from the Southampton District, Helle Sewell from Darlington, Chris Briggs from Nottingham and Derby and Neil Harland from Sheffield.

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