Church at the Margins

Church at the Margins

Vision: Church at the Margins will build new Christian communities centred in and proclaiming the good news of the gospel of Christ with people at the economic margins of society.

Margins: The Methodist Church is committed to being a Church at, on, and of, the margins. We are not taking God to the margins, we believe God is present with and in all people, in all circumstances, and waits to be discovered.

Economic poverty: We recognise the reality of people being marginalised in multiple ways. Church at the margins is orientated around those who are economically vulnerable or impoverished.

Evangelism and Social Justice: This movement of new Christian communities will build on the deep biblical connection between evangelism and social justice.

Hospitality: Inclusive, generous, and hospitable communities will be formed, enabling friendship and mutual support.     

Indigenous leaders: Church at the Margins projects are new Christian communities led by, or in partnership with indigenous leaders, who already have deep knowledge and wisdom about their communities.

Could planting a Church at the Margins be part of God’s invitation to you?

Where are you experiencing, or noticing the impact of economic poverty?

Where have you seen God at work in the pandemic?

Further resources will become available on this page in due course. If you wish to have a conversation about Church at the Margins, please email

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