Discipleship Pathways: travelling together

The process of discipleship aligns our lives to keep following Jesus, and becoming more like him. We do this as individuals and a community by shared spiritual practices and reflecting together. 

A Methodist Way Of Life expands the four aspects of the Methodist Church’s core Our Calling statement, and provides a rhythm to live life. There are twelve practices that will help us mature as disciples, welcome others into the church community, and be part of a missional church together.

Discipleship is a dynamic process. The path is not normally linear, but more like a train network.

  • The twelve core practices of a Methodist Way of Life are represented by stations. All of them are ways for new people to be drawn into the life of discipleship.

  • Each station is a place where disciples grow in maturity, and step out in mission and action.
  • We learn as we reflect together on what happens at each station.
  • The Holy Spirit should be driving! We go where the train takes us.

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