Biblical engagement


The Bible Course
This eight-session course produced by the Bible Society offers an accessible and interactive resource for getting to grips with the Bible.

Bible Month
A collaboration between the Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust (LWPT) and the Methodist Church, Bible Month encourages churches and circuits to spend a month each year engaging with a single biblical book.

The Community Bible Experience
The Community Bible Experience encourages Christians to read through the Bible in community, using versions of the Bible that omit verse numbers, chapter headings and other interruptions to the text.

Navigate is a resource for youth leaders to use with young people to help them explore and engage with the Bible. This downloadable resource includes five sessions plus an extra session.


The Bible Project
This helpful American-based website offers short-form animated videos that help make the Bible and different biblical books accessible to readers and viewers.


Engaging the Word: Biblical Literacy and Christian Discipleship by Peter M Phillips (Abingdon: Bible Reading Fellowship, 2017)
This helpful work on scriptural engagement includes chapters on ‘reaching up’ (spirituality and the Bible), ‘reaching in’ (congregational well-being) and ‘reaching out’ (engaging with the world).


Cliff College and The Queen’s Foundation
Cliff and Queen’s offer a range of courses for students of different levels seeking to understand Scripture more deeply.

There is also a leaflet outlining Biblical Engagement resources, which is suitable for distribution. 

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