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In 2020, the Methodist Church adopted God for All: The Connexional Strategy for Evangelism and Growth, expanding our commitment to be a growing, evangelistic, inclusive, justice-seeking Church of Gospel people.

You can read the entirety of the 2020-2025 God for All strategy here.

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"I'm proud of the way we are developing Church at the Margins new Christian communities – from the ground up, trusting local wisdom."

What do you love about God for All? The strategy is now in it's third year and as we look ahead to 'what's next', we'd like to know your thoughts. How has the strategy encouraged evangelism, mission and discipleship in your church or community? What needs more work?

Explore the strategy

Check out the ‘Next Steps’ booklet to get an overview of the key programmes and resources in God for All.








Check out the update from the first 18 months of God for All.


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