Six practices of devotion

These can particularly help Christians grow in following Jesus. These disciplines of devotion help us in our discipleship, and are part of a holistic set of practices that include acts of worship, compassion and just living.


At its most basic, prayer is spending time with God. But just as 'spending time' can involve a whole variety of actions, so there are a huge variety of ways in which people pray, and learning about these ways can help us as we seek to be with God.


Denying the body something good - such as food - for a specific period of time, is also a means of drawing closer to God. Although 'fasting' is alien to many Christians today, it is a deeply biblical practice that helps us focus our lives on God as the ultimate good.

Searching the Scriptures

This involves hearingthe Bible's words,reading it with openness to what the Spirit is saying, and meditating on its meaning. For John Wesley, Scripture is a primary means for shaping our lives because God speaks through it.


Many Methodists have found that pilgrimage helps in drawing closer to God. Whether visiting Iona or Taizé, Jerusalem or Wesley's Chapel in London (or some other Methodist Heritage site), spending time in places that have formed people of faith can help revive our own sense of God. See Pilgrimage


John Wesley recognised that what we do with our money reveals a lot about our souls. And so practising generosity towards others is a way of helps us practise living out Jesus' call to love our neighbours, as well as his call to love God with all that we have.


Many Christians have found journalling an enormously helpful tool in the spiritual journey. Keeping a record of where God is at work in life can help us discern ways in which the Holy Spirit changes and challenges us, as well the obstacles that prevent us from more fully pursuing God.

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