Discipleship formation in small groups

Historically Methodists discovered that meeting in small groups helped people to become better followers of Jesus. Intentional conversation together helps form 'whole life, lifelong and world transforming discipleship.'

Small groups come in many shapes and sizes.

  • There are 'encounters'  for exploring questions of life and relationship and these might be organised in cafes and pubs.(Look at Table Talk and Lyfe materials).
  • Small groups (traditionally called classes)  for nurturing people into the practises of faith which meet in church and homes.(Look at Step Forward /  Disciple / Mission Shaped Intro resources).
  • Tiny intimate groups (traditionally called bands) for holding each other accountable for growing and practising the faith which meet wherever two or three can meet together. (Look at the INSPIRE network material)

For a sample of four sessions for a class meeting following an act of worship see a class of your own


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