Talking of God Together

"Is it your desire and design to be on this and all other occasions entirely open,
so as to speak everything that is in your heart, without exception,
without disguise, and without reserve?"
(John Wesley)

of God Together
is a new resource which encourages and equips Christians to speak comfortably about their experience of God and the Christian life.

It helps people to take part in conversations with others, both inside and outside the church, about what really matters to them.

The material can be used by small groups and in other settings, including local arrangements for services when no preacher is available. 

The material has four sessions, plus a bonus one:

  • A present God
  • A listening God
  • A caring God 
  • A speaking God
  • Jesus as our teacher and model

Using questions, activities and stories, each session is structured using the four w's:

  • Welcome
  • Worship
  • Word
  • Witness

(We need to) provide safe and loving spaces in which to share honestly the deepest concerns and questions of our lives, to become vulnerable to one another, supportive of one another and challenging of one another.

from an account of a Methodist Council conversation included in the report Priorities for the Methodist Church, 2004.

Talking of God Together is available from Methodist Publishing.

Download the Bible passages used in session 2 here.

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