Write a great mission plan

Having a mission plan is essential to the health of every Methodist church. On these pages, you will find everything your church, circuit or district needs to get started with mission planning. A good mission plan puts into words your hopes and dreams and shows how you will start making them a reality. 

Your mission plan will be the result of a process of discerning together as a community, rather than something written by one person or by a small group. It’s not about adding lots more things to everyone’s to-do list; it’s about deciding what few things you will do well. Sometimes that will mean stopping a valuable activity so that a more important activity can happen. A good mission plan will ensure that you understand exactly why you are doing the things you are doing and what you hope God will achieve through them.

A simple eight-step process has been devised to guide churches and circuits in writing a great mission plan. The mission planning toolkit (below) has lots of resources to help you through the process, including a new Mission Planning Workbook which will take your church or circuit through step by step:

Download the Mission Planning Workbook

You can listen to Emma Nash being interviewed about the toolkit and workbook here. You can also check out some great examples of mission plans below, to give you inspiration.

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