Sample mission plans

A mission plan is simply a paper that sets out how you believe God wants to use your church, circuit or district in the coming months and years, and what you will do as a result. Whether you call it your 'mission plan,' 'strategic plan,'  'mission policy' or 'vision document' doesn't matter. What matters is that you have a record of your plans to reach your community with God's love.

You will find some sample mission plans below. They are real plans written by Methodists, but names and places have been removed to protect the privacy of individuals and communities. They have been annotated to illustrate their best features.

Sample circuit mission plan 1

Sample circuit mission plan 2

A note about language

People use words like 'vision,' 'mission' and 'strategy' in slightly different ways to mean slightly different things.  Technically, a 'vision' is a dream of a desired future, whereas a 'mission' is a task we have been sent out to accomplish, and a 'strategy' is a plan of action. Nevertheless, as long as a mission plan includes a dream about the future and a plan for moving toward that future, it doesn't matter precisely how these words are used.  

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