About Venture FX

We believe that the good news of God's love in Jesus is for all people, not just for those who are already part of the Church.  However, the culture in which we live is changing so rapidly that sometimes it can feel as though there is an increasing gap between existing forms of church and the majority of people in the UK today, particularly those under 40, who don't have any church connection.  But the reality is that many of them are spiritually open and are willing to explore a Christianity that engages seriously with their context.

VentureFX is part of the way the Methodist Church is trying to respond to this.  Rather than beginning with church, VentureFX pioneers begin with communities of people.  As they explore what it means to be disciples of Jesus there, new and relevant form of Christian community are beginning to emerge.  They are based on pursuing a radical and authentic lifestyle based on the teaching of Jesus, but they are marked by a re-imagination of what church might need to look like for them.

VentureFX projects were established in 13 locations around the UK and have been exploring faith and trying to establish innovative Christian Communities with significant success among those who are distant from normal church life and activity.

Some of them have achieved their aim of forming a fresh expression of church, some encountered difficulties of various kinds (often funding-related), and others continue to evolve.  The extensive learning and experience garnered from VentureFX contributed significantly to the Methodist Pioneering Pathways initiative which now supports over 60 pioneers around the Connexion.

There is lot’s to see on the Thinking Allowed and Journeying Out pages, and also in the Methodist Pioneering Pathways section of the website.

Please contact Matt Finch, Pioneer Ministry and Church Planting Officer, finchm@methodistchurch.org.uk with any general enquiries about pioneer ministry.


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