Sheffield - Doncaster Circuit (Rossington)

This NPNP is grounded in two core values: loving service and active discipleship. The primary objective is to share the love of Jesus by engaging in relevant acts of service within the local community. Rather than making assumptions, it emphasizes the importance of actively listening to the community, understanding their needs, and responding appropriately as a church. By embracing a mindset of empathy and understanding, it aims to foster meaningful connections with the community.

To achieve this, the NPNP focuses on four key initiatives: new housing chaplaincy, a youth club, a Christian-based mindfulness group, and Church on the margins. Each of these areas has emerged through a careful assessment of the community's requirements. However, the exact allocation of time and resources to these initiatives will be determined by the pioneer who will be employed for this purpose. The objective is to establish self-sustaining communities within each initiative, which will eventually form a network. 

Throughout the planning process, the work has been diligent in avoiding assumptions, striving to truly understand the community's aspirations and challenges. Although the suitability of the initiatives for the area remains unknown until the pioneer is employed and the initiatives are initiated, the team has discovered that their vision aligns with the community's desires. Lessons have been learned from past experiences, such as the absence of a youth club in Rossington, which has left young people without a safe and engaging space. The community has also expressed concerns about emotional well-being, citing recent suicides near the train tracks. In response, the team has identified the importance of a mindfulness group with Christian foundations, recognizing its relevance in addressing the emotional struggles faced by individuals in the area.

Each of the areas will provide ample opportunities for exploring faith. Whether it's through deepening spirituality in the mindfulness group, engaging in conversations about life and God within the youth club, or participating in pastoral discussions through the new housing chaplaincy, individuals will be invited to journey with the pioneer and the community toward a fresh understanding of Jesus. Accessibility and inclusivity are fundamental principles, and people from all backgrounds and identities will be welcome. Inclusive language will be utilized in groups, and events and activities will be carefully designed to accommodate individuals of all abilities and ages.

In the initial 2-3 months, the pioneer will focus on establishing relationships, particularly through the new housing chaplaincy, while simultaneously exploring the initiation of the youth club and mindfulness group. Building connections with local schools will also be a priority during this period. The pioneer will dedicate significant time to understanding Rossington, engaging in conversations with locals, and establishing meaningful connections.

By the first 6 months, all three initiatives should be up and running, having been operational for a couple of months. Additionally, plans will be developed for community events within the new housing areas, further fostering a sense of belonging and unity. During this time, the pioneer will gain a better understanding of the specific needs of the community and evaluate how each initiative is progressing.

Within 12 months, the expectation is that regular communities will have formed, or will be in the process of forming, within each of the three areas. The pioneer and the team will assess the development of each community and explore opportunities to integrate faith elements if they have not been incorporated already. By this point, the pioneer will have assembled a reliable and dedicated team. Furthermore, the team may begin outlining a plan for the development of Church on the margins, considering its potential structure and function, should it not have already emerged organically.

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