Everyone an Evangelist

The Methodist Church is committed to being an evangelistic church, it’s one of the core parts of our calling. All Christians – not just some – are called to listen for, speak of, and live out the good news. And yet, as a Church, we can often lack confidence with evangelism. So we need a tool to help us grow in confidence and make the most of our opportunities for sharing our faith.

Everyone an Evangelist is a course from the Methodist Church designed to help groups from local churches and circuits explore the ways you and your church community are called to share your faith and to grow in confidence as evangelists. The process will help demystify evangelism and build sustainable, intentional rhythms of both personal and shared evangelism. Watch this video to find out more:

Everyone an Evangelist involves three sessions over a period of three months, as well as a six-week small group course. Participants will spend the last six weeks of the course putting their learning into action through a practical evangelism project. The course includes lots of interaction as well as some input. The whole thing takes about three months to complete. 

If you've got any questions at all, you can contact Holly Adams, Evangelism and Contemporary Culture Officer, on adamsh@methodistchurch.org.uk.

Everyone an Evangelist Surgeries

If you're looking for help with planning and preparing the course you can contact Holly Adams, who can offer you a one-to-one conversation, or connect you with somebody to accompany your group through the whole thing. Alternatively you can book onto a surgery session. Everyone an Evangelist ‘surgery’ sessions are for leaders considering using the materials to:

  • ask any questions you have,
  • talk through your plans for running the course,
  • get support with applying for micro-funding,
  • or find any other kind of assistance with Everyone an Evangelist.

The sessions are just one hour long, and are limited so everyone has time to ask their questions. Book on using the link below:

What's the feedback so far?

“This course has been a springboard from theory into practical action” – Circuit Superintendent

“The evangelism project really challenged me to get out there and do something and the projects that we have begun are hopefully going to continue to have a positive result for years to come.” – Course participant.

“Before [completing Everyone an Evangelist] evangelism had quite negative connotations for me… now, I feel encouraged to think of it as honest sharing of my own personal faith experience.” – Course participant

82% of participants say they are more confident in seizing opportunities for evangelism after completing the Everyone an Evangelist course.

So, if you’re wondering any of the following:

  • how do I introduce the idea of evangelism into my church community?
  • how do I help people grow in evangelistic confidence?
  • how can we discover that evangelism is something bigger than it’s stereotypes?
  • how can we shape a new evangelistic project together?

Order the materials here: Everyone an Evangelist.

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