Resources for Authentic Evangelism

Check out this short video to start thinking about evangelism - how you can tell, show and be the Good News. 


Talking Jesus

This video-based short course for small groups reminds us that conversations with Christians are one of the most important influences in bringing people to faith. 




The Story Project

It’s in our nature as humans to tell stories. It’s also in our nature to listen to them. Stories are the way we communicate our feelings, emotions, beliefs, and values. Stories impart truth and reveal our heart. Each of us has a story, and our story is worth sharing. An important part of that is our story with God, which is what ‘The Story Project’ is all about. 



Christianity and Popular Culture

Resources for sharing faith through pop culture - TV, radio, art, music and more. 



A Methodist Understanding of Evangelism

This article outlines the links between the good news (gospel) of Jesus, our calling to share that good news, the history of Methodist evangelism and the importance of evangelism for modern Methodists. 




Ten Questions to Help Your Church Become More Welcoming

This short article will help you consider how your church can give a warm welcome to all. 



Evangelism and Contemporary Culture

This longer article examines the ways in which our context has changed in recent years, and how that affects our practice of evangelism. 



Creating Evangelistic Opportunities Beyond Church

This short article suggests ways in which you can reach out to people outside the Church. 



National Weekend of Invitation

The National Weekend of Invitation encourages Christians to invite friends, neighbours and work colleagues to church, and is also an opportunity for churches to develop a culture of invitation. 




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