Begin a New Place for New People

We are really pleased that you want to begin New Places for New People. We also know that it might feel daunting, but do not worry, you are not on your own. There is plenty of help to get started that draws from the experiences of pioneers, planters, circuits, and leaders who have been where you are right now.

At the heart of our vision is to see new Christian communities planted that reflect the world in all its beauty and wonder. You and those you share the journey with, are part of fulfilling that vision as you discover the New Place God is leading you to begin.

How to start a New Place for New People

Beginning a New Place for New People will be different for every context, but there are some common practices that will give your project the best opportunity to become fruitful.

How to start a New Place for New People Guide

Hold the five stages below in your mind as you begin. You do not need to do them all at once at the start of your project but it is important to make sure you are reflecting on how each stage of the pioneering journey is developing in your project. 


Listening will always be a part of a pioneer project, as it should be for every healthy church. Listening to God in prayer from the very beginning will be the place from which a project’s vision and spiritual life will flow. Listening to a context is hard and challenging, but also an opportunity to get to know your community and form new creative relationships. It is from this early deep listening that a clear vision for a new Christian community relevant to your unique context will emerge.

Vision Shaping

From listening flows the shaping of vision. What you form at this point will impact every stage of the project; the activities you choose to do, the people you deepen relationships with next and the way people become followers of Jesus.

Loving and Serving

From vision flows beginning to love and serve the people you are starting a new place and with. Having listened to them properly you will know there hopes and struggles well. 

Building community

From loving and serving flows building community. This is the early group of people who trust you, have seen your loving service and may become part of the new Christian community you plant. The purpose of this stage is to gather people around activity and common purpose.

Church taking shape

From building community flows church taking shape. By this point in the project, you will be able to start opportunities for people to explore faith in relevant ways. It is absolutely fine that not every one of your wider community will want to be a part of this. This is likely to be the longest stage as it evolves over time and will involve plenty of experimentation until you get it right.

Please download our more in-depth How to start a New Place for New People Guide. It is designed to be used to help local leaders and pioneers discern where God might be leading them to begin a new community in your circuit. 


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