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Methodist Pioneering Pathways (MPP) is a community of pioneers and planters. It is the church’s formal structure to support them as they begin New Places for New People. It is a community of equipping, coaching and connecting, expressed through local, national, and virtual gatherings. MPP is a community affirmed by the church for those discerned called to start New Places for New People.

Five Areas of Support

Methodist Pioneering Pathways will give every pioneer and their project the best opportunity to become fruitful by supporting them in five key areas.


You will find all the support you need to discern your initial call to pioneer and take your first steps. If you have more experience, there is help to hone the understanding of your call and become a leader within the New Places for New People movement.


In the first year, every pioneer will attend a short course on pioneer ministry. In subsequent years, funding is available for further context-relevant training. For those in fully-funded roles, an intensive course offers teaching on core planting practices and reflective skills


Pioneer and planters don’t work in isolation but in a complex network of relationships and stakeholders. There are certain things that give a pioneer or planting project the best chance of success. We will advise each pioneer on key practices, support structures and conversations for each stage of a project.


Every person on the Methodist Pioneering Pathways will be matched with a coach who understands the dynamics of pioneering and planting. Regular coaching will help you move from doing something well to excelling as a pioneer.


Through local, regional, national, and virtual communities you will find mutual support with other pioneers across the Methodist Church. You will be connected to a wider movement enabling New Places for New People to become normal in every circuit. In time, there will be learning together and an annual retreat.

How to apply to join the MPP

Who is it for?

It is for those right at the start of their pioneering journey, those with little experience, and those who have pioneered and planted already. A community sharing a common desire to start new communities where people encounter the love of God for the first time.

Those exploring a call

If you sense a call to pioneer, the pathways will help you in this process of discernment through conversations with caring people, and resources to guide you.

Grassroots pioneers

There are over 1000 small volunteer-led Methodist Fresh Expressions of Church. If you are pioneering a Fresh Expression the pathways will support, you and your project to grow. We value this often unseen work of the New Places for New People movement.

Experienced planters and pioneers

The Methodist Pioneering Pathways is for those that have planted higher-profile New Places for New People. These may be fully-funded roles or larger projects involving greater resources.

Circuits and teams

Circuits are key to New Places for New People becoming normal practice for the Methodist Church. The pathways will support circuit leadership teams to focus their vision and resources on beginning new ecclesial communities. 

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