The Queen's Platinum Jubilee!

This is an invitation to all Methodist churches.

An invitation to get out on your streets and celebrate - to go boldly and joyfully out into your neighbourhoods – to follow God into mission over the long weekend in June 2022.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which is marked by an extended bank holiday weekend from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June, is a chance to celebrate with your whole community.

It’s a chance to meet people, to get to know them, to have fun together, to eat together, to laugh together, to celebrate community together.

It’s a chance to extend a radical invitation to everyone in the neighbourhood, to include the lonely or isolated, to welcome people who get forgotten about or who don’t join in very easily.

It’s a chance to build relationships, share and hear stories, tell others you’re a Christian, pray for your neighbours, be bold in your faith-sharing.

This is a chance to join in with God’s mission on the streets of your community.

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Here’s the challenge to you:

  1. Get involved in a street party or community event. Either plan something as a Church or join in with others who are already planning something for the long weekend.
  2. Extend the invitation to everyone. What can you do to make sure the whole neighbourhood can come along, especially those who are lonely, isolated, or marginalised in some way?
  3. Pray for your community. The Jubilee weekend is at the same time as Thy Kingdom Come, the period when the whole Church focuses on praying for people to come to faith. When we join in with God’s mission, it’s essential we’re praying about it! How can you pray for this in the lead up as individuals or a team, could you offer prayer at the event, and can you pray together afterwards for the people you’ve met?
  4. Share your faith. We take our whole selves out onto the streets in celebration – we don’t have to bottle up our faith and leave it safely at home. Community parties are a chance to be bold in our faith sharing. We talk a lot about needing to be better at evangelism, well, when we get to know our neighbours, God will give us opportunities to share our faith. We just need to listen to God, listen to others, and speak up about our experience of faith.

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Do you have a budding filmmaker in your midst?  Perhaps a young person whose skills you'd like to champion. We will be collecting footage from events across the country to compile into a celebratory video. Get in touch if you'd be interested in taking part.

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As well as the Party Planner, there will also be liturgy and prayers available for Pentecost Sunday as well as the following resources offered from HOPE Together in partnership with the Methodist Church, the Church of England and other ecumenical partners:

  • a gift book called Our Faithful Queen
  • resources for toddlers, children, schools and young people
  • a Jubilee anthem called 'Rise Up and Serve', with Graham Kendrick and Rend Collective

All available at the following site: 

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