What people are saying about Disciple

"If you get the chance to go on this incredible spiritual journey through the Bible, take it - you won't be disappointed. Disciple is not just a history lesson, not just a Bible study, not just a commitment to read God's word and know God's grace, not just information - but transformation. It's wonderful!"
Karen Ette, Loughborough

"Disciple has been one of the most authentic experiences of ministry. All have been uplifted, challenged and transformed by the experience." The Revd Nick Jones, Birmingham

"The group all gained a great deal from each other and are now effectively a mission group daring to think new things." Rosemary and John Whiteman, Sheffield

"Disciple will change the way you see the world and your place within it as a follower of Jesus." Margaret Smithson, Eastleigh

"Disciple has really opened my eyes to the words of Jesus." Brenda Knight

"Through Disciple, God has blessed and regenerated our church. Two people have been inspired to become Methodist presbyters, one to become a church worker, another a deacon, two as local preachers, others as worship leaders, stewards, Sunday school teachers, prayer, pastoral, youth, creative arts and world church coordinators!" Mabel Harris, Leyland

"Disciple is a journey of biblical discovery in the company of others which will change you, and inspire new ways in you to make a difference for the kingdom." The Revd Dr Martyn Atkins, General Secretary of Methodist Church

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