How can I take part in an event that's 'live streamed'?

Once you've registered here, you'll receive an email nearer the time with further details as well as the direct link to the conference itself. Clicking on this will enable you to join the event live on 10 October.

What technology do I need to join in with the conference?

To participate in All Together Now you'll need good access to the internet via a computer.  A secure connection will help the conference stream smoothly and make your viewing easier.  If you plan to take part with a small group it's recommended to plug in some speakers so that everyone can hear the sound clearly. 

Where can I join with other people to take part in the conference?

Gathering people in community is one of the goals for this event: our hope is to enable everyone to feel included as we join together to learn.  Social media is one of the ways that helps and everyone's invited to join in the conversation during the day. There are also a number of events taking place across the regions of the DMLN/Discipleship & Ministries Learning Network.  Details of these can be found here.  If you're interested in going to one please make contact with the named person. You're also very welcome to gather with others you know locally at venues and places with good internet access that work well for you.

What type of information will there be to help me get the most out of the day?

Prior to the conference you will be sent a digital guide (that you can print if you wish) with more information about the sessions, questions to guide your learning and reflections as well as details of further resources and books.

Will the sessions be available to watch afterwards?

This is currently under consideration, as yet there are no firm plans in place but details will be made available via the webpage if it becomes possible to view the conference sessions at a later date.

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