How to Apply

Grants are available for projects in Britain only. They are not available for research projects. The minimum grant request is £20,000 for all streams, except MAPJ.

Applications can be submitted at any time for feedback from the Grants Team and will be reviewed by the Connexional Grants Committee (CGC) after the next deadline. Please take note of the stationing timetable when submitting grant applications for deacon/presbyter appointments.

The CGC may, if there is sufficient budget remaining, accept small applications (up to £50,000) in June for a decision by mid-August. Any applicant wishing to apply in June should contact the Grants Team at the end of May to find out whether there are still grant funds remaining.

The CGC supports projects that have a Connexion-wide impact. Applications are welcome from Methodist (and non-Methodist) organisations, but must support the  Priorities of the Methodist Church and Our Calling as well as the reflections on One Mission, clearly showing the work of God and the mission of the church at work in the world today. There are additional criteria for non-Methodist applications.

Complete a form and submit it by email, with a signed hard copy by post to the Grants Team (address below). Do submit the electronic copy first, by doing this you are asserting that you have a signed paper copy in your possession. 


When applying there are three areas to be considered: IMPACT, PROCESS and PLANNING. Evidence needs to be provided of how you will address each of these. This should substantiate why you think your project meets your chosen criteria.

Top Tips

  • Ensure you have talked with your District Grants Officer.
  • Provide as much information about your situation and project as possible in the application form and appendices (these give you an opportunity to provide background and detailed information, please refer to them in your answers). Remember that the committee only have the information which is supplied to form an assessment. 
  • Don't ignore the questions you feel are not relevant or can't answer. 
  • Ask someone who has not been involved in the process to look over your completed application. They are more likely to see where there may be gaps in the information required and spot any misunderstandings of questions.
  • Ensure that the contact person is someone who will be readily available and quick to respond to any further information requested by the committee.

If your application is unsuccessful

If you are unsuccessful the CGC will give you feedback on your application and may invite you to reapply in the next grants round.

Appeals may be made where applicants disagree with grant decisions or conditions. Appeals must be lodged within one month of the date of the original decision or conditional approval, in writing, with the Grants Team. A clear statement of the grounds on which the appeal is based should accompany the formal appeal.


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