Methodist Action on Poverty and Justice (MAPJ)

MAPJ (SO1004) exists to promote the work of the Methodist Church in support of people affected by poverty and disadvantage. Applications will be considered by the Mission in Britain stream of the Connexional Grants Committee. This review was presented to Conference 2016: Mission Alongside the Poor in the 21st Century

Eligibility Criteria

Applications may be submitted by circuits or districts for up to 50% of the total project costs (individual churches must submit via their circuit). The minimum grant is £1000 and the award will not normally be more than £50,000 (although there is no maximum). The eligibility checklist on the application form will be used to assess whether your project meets the criteria set out in SO1004. The rest of the application gives you the opportunity to show how well planned the project is. The eligibility criteria are as follows: 

  1. There must be evidence of poverty, whether in a rural or urban area.
  2. There must be a commitment to work alongside those in need, the vulnerable and disadvantaged.
  3. The project must be born out of a response to a local point of need, as part of God's mission to build love and better opportunities.

How to fill in the form

No one expects your application to be perfect. What the CGC is looking for is proof that you are committed to this project and have done enough background work to be confident of its success. When providing details of your project there are three areas to be considered: IMPACT, PROCESS, PLANNING. Evidence needs to be provided of how the project has been developed in each of these areas.

Be honest and clear. There may be areas of your project which are not as developed as you would like but showing an awareness of this will gain you more credit than pretending everything is perfect.

The CGC's assessors will score your application according to how well it answers the questions - please provide as much evidence as is necessary to allow them to make informed and accurate decisions.

Every question on the form is there for a reason. However, it is a generic form and every applicant will need to answer each question with varying amounts of information. Use your common sense to decide how much you think the CGC will want to know. If you can't think of anything to write in response to a question, it may be worth spending a little time on this area of your preparation before submitting your application. 

Download the application form

Additional criteria for non-Methodist applicants:

1. With whom in the Methodist Church have you discussed your project/grant application?
2. What kind of partnership have you established with your Methodist contacts? 
3. Do you have an agreed document which demonstrates your partnership with the Methodist Church and how your project aligns to Our Calling and Priorities?
4. Do you have a letter of support and/or have you received any funding from your Methodist partners?
5. Are there any Methodists involved in the governance of your project/organisation and what roles/responsibilities do they hold
6. If your project involves promoting your activities to Methodism how will you publicise what you are offering in order to ensure take-up? 
7. How will you share the learning from your project with the Methodist Connexion?

Get in touch

Remember that everyone in the Church wants your project to succeed. If you have any questions please contact your District Grants Officer or the Connexional Grants Team. If they can't answer your question they may be able to put you in touch with someone who can. 

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