Mission and Ministry, including Heritage

Submission deadlines are on this page 'Apply for a Grant'.

The Connexional Grants Committee assesses Mission and Ministry (including Heritage) applications against the following criteria, the following all need to be addressed:

  1. there is a clearly identified need for the project.
  2. there are clearly identified outcomes which address this need.
  3. it is well-planned, budgeted and has a very high chance of achieving these outcomes.
  4. you have the capacity to carry out this project successfully.
  5. it is time limited or you have a plan for attracting further sources of funding within 5 years.
  6. it potentially has an impact which is larger than local and is therefore best funded and monitored by theCGCrather than locally.
  7. you agree to abide by Connexional Equal Opportunities, Safeguarding and other relevant policies, includingOur Callingand thePriorities of the Methodist Church.

Eligibility Criteria

Your project must be connexionally significant i.e. having an impact that is larger than local. This could be because:

1. The project involves, or has the potential to involve, several Districts. The involvement could be at church or Circuit level but must cross District boundaries.


2. Although the work will only take place in one location it will fulfil at least one of the following:

  1. The project's outcomes will benefit the wider Connexion through the furthering of God's mission in innovative and far reaching ways.
  2. The work is mission-focused and targets an aspect of society outside church culture where the applicant's specific geographic or demographic situation offers the potential to achieve a very high impact to both individual and community.
  3. Is an ecumenical* partnership which has the potential to achieve a very high impact for the wider Connexion.
  4. The project is focused on innovation where the level of risk is high but the possible level of benefit is commensurately high.
  5. It is considered strategically important by the Methodist Church, and is impossible or overwhelmingly difficult to do elsewhere, and places an unreasonable financial burden on the District/Circuit in which it is placed.


3. The Project celebrates the story of the Methodist Church through using Methodist heritage to:

  1. challenge and deepen the faith of Methodists from different parts of Britain, or from other countries, in a way which enables them to engage more fully in mission
  2. inspire members of the local community, outside the Church, to think about the meaning and practice of Christian faith or engage with Methodism.
  3. inspire people from different parts of Britain, or from other countries, to explore the meaning and practice of Christian faith or engage with Methodism.

To find out more about Methodist heritage please visit the Methodist heritage website.

*Ecumenical guidance:

District Ecumenical Officer Role Description.

A new framework for local unity in mission, from Churches Together in England. 

Grants are not available for research projects.

Additional criteria for non-Methodist applicants:

1. With whom in the Methodist Church have you discussed your project/grant application?
2. What kind of partnership have you established with your Methodist contacts?
3. Do you have an agreed document which demonstrates your partnership with the Methodist Church and how your project aligns to Our Calling and Priorities?
4. Do you have a letter of support and/or have you received any funding from your Methodist partners?
5. Are there any Methodists involved in the governance of your project/organisation and what roles/responsibilities do they hold
6. If your project involves promoting your activities to Methodism how will you publicise what you are offering in order to ensure take-up?
7. How will you share the learning from your project with the Methodist Connexion?

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Get in touch

Remember that everyone in the Church wants your project to succeed. If you have any questions at all please contact your District Grants Officer or the Connexional Grants Team. If they can't answer your question they may be able to put you in touch with someone who can. 

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