Amelia Trust Farm

A countryside sanctuary for young people

For the past 27 years, The Amelia Trust Farm (ATF) in the Vale of Glamorgan has been helping disadvantaged and vulnerable young people to turn their life around.

Boasting over 160 acres of woodlands, meadows, ponds and paddocks, the Methodist mission project offers personalised learning programmes for young people struggling in mainstream education.

The winning combination of qualified and caring staff, contact with farm animals and the peaceful Welsh countryside create an ideal environment for tackling a range of physical, emotional and behavioural needs. Therapeutic support and life skills training is also offered for young people with learning disabilities and mental health issues.

ATF also helps young people to cope with issues such as abuse, neglect and substance misuse, empowering them to make better life choices, and so improve their health and well-being.

More staff to help the vulnerable

This year, the charity has supported 64 young people, with 84% of them moving on to further education, training or employment.

A Mission and Ministry grant of £57,000, has made it possible for ATF to employ two new staff members specialised in occupational therapy as well as social enterprise and employability skills.

ATF Director Karen Turnbull says: “Changing the lives of young people helps not just the individual, but their family, their education providers and society in general.”

“We also support a range of volunteers of all ages at the farm and have more than 20,000 visitors a year as a low-cost day out. Amelia Trust Farm is a special place for many people.”

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