Partnerships with non-Methodist organisations

A partnership application is for a project that will be delivered with a partner organisation, where the form is likely to have been completed by the partner, but signed off within the Methodist Church.

These questions will need to be answered in all Partnership applications (remember that all applications must also fulfil the General eligibility criteria)

  • With whom in the Methodist Church has the project/grant application been developed? (this should not be the Grants team or members of the CGC)
  • What kind of partnership has been established?
  • Is there an agreed document which demonstrates the partnership with the Methodist Church and how the project aligns to Our Calling? This is especially important.
  • Are there any letters of support and/or funding from Methodist partners?
  • Are any Methodists involved in the governance of the project/organisation and what roles/responsibilities do they hold?
  • If the project involves promoting project activities to Methodism how will these be publicised, what is being offered in order to ensure take-up, and what role will Methodist partners have in supporting this? The Methodist partner should indicate their role in supporting and delivering the project.
  • How will learning from the project be shared with the Methodist Connexion?


Application form

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