Circuit Pioneer Connexion Missioner, Meon Valley Methodist Circuit

In the last four years we have developed a fresh expression of mission at the local Summer music festival 'The Wickham Festival'. We have called it 'Elemental' and it takes the form of a tent, offering a place to chill out, do crafts, have refreshments and provide open Christian spirituality, basically, 'what we do inside, outside' with the festival-goers. Festival-goers include people influenced by secularism, new age and paganism, we include all.

The grant will fund a Circuit Pioneer Connexion Missioner who will:

• Work with Circuit Football Teams and Friday Football Club
• Collaborate with the team in enabling Elemental at the Wickham Festival.
• Sharing with the pastoral work so that the missional concept of Elemental can be developed to benefit the Connexion and help circuits provide a missional presence at festivals.
• Help enable the circuit in outreach and mission projects and visit the new local housing.

Meon Valley Circuit

Grant awarded: £125,000

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