Peak Park Rural Development Enabler, Sheffield District

The post of PPRDE was created to address the issues mentioned above. The inception of the post saw a consultative approach to refocusing the use of buildings and the potential for church/community re-engagement. After two years, a realisation that the post was not effective in its current form called for a review of the situation. The review found that whilst the need for the post was evident, there was also a need for the post to be less consultative and more engaged. In the light of this the post was re-constructed, and a more relational aspect given to the role. Having established a model that works well within the National Park context, the current position would benefit from more time to build current developments to a sustainable level, enable further developments across the three districts and share the story and experience on a national level. The post has also identified the opportunity for ecumenical development; ecumenical partners are keen to engage in conversation to explore ways of supporting the implementation of a sustainable Christian presence within the Peak Park.

The three districts that have supported this project from the outset are clear that it needs at least another five years for the work to be firmly embedded and new possibilities to become real for the communities and churches of the Peak Park. All three districts are committed to part funding the post until 2023 and invite the Connexional grants committee to add their support to this exciting and innovative piece of work in the eight core circuits, developing a model of contextual mission in rural areas.

Peak Park Rural Development Enabler

Grant awarded: £80,000

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