The Hope Journey, The Wirral Circuit

The Hope Journey is a project which seeks to support churches in building a working relationship with their local schools. Each journey is aimed at a specific year group and covers relevant areas enabling the schools to fulfil an aspect of their SACRE-agreed religious education syllabus by bringing the children into the church to work with church members. There is at least one Hope Journey for each year of primary school. For example Year 2 are invited at Christmas to 'Meet the Characters of thje Nativity' which not only enables pupils to engage with the 'Christian Christmas story', but also address their 'Celebration' topic , engage within the local community inter-generationally and in a 'Church setting'.

Appointment of an additional Circuit Children and Schools Worker funded by a connexional grant will increase the capacity of the Circuit team to respond to the increasing number of requests from churches within the Wirral Circuit, across the Liverpool District, The Chester & Stoke District and beyond to introduce, train, run, support and develop it. This post will also increase the capacity of the team to explore the opportunities which the Hope Journey opens up to develop new family and children's work within churches which use it. Beyond this, we have observed developing discipleship and fellowship opportunities amongst the growing number of volunteers who work within Hope Journey in the churches.

Wirral Circuit

Grant awarded: £114,600

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