World without Caste Discrimination, Dalit Solidarity Network UK

The Dalit community in the UK, India and a range of other countries are arguably the most discriminated communities in today's world. With the tribal peoples of India, and Dalits in surroundings countries and the diaspora - including Britain - they number up to 300 million. In the UK, the 'untouchability mindset' persists in the form of direct and indirect discrimination. 

The grant will help to deliver a highly ambitious project. An estimated 150,000 to 500,000 Dalits living in the UK lack the legal protection against direct and indirect forms of discrimination based on their inherited caste. Discrimination takes the legal form of bullying and harassment in the workplace, lack - or denial - of promotional opportunities as well as a denial of the provision of goods and services. Until caste is recognised as a form of discrimination in the UK, there is no recourse to justice for Dalit communities and their right to equality and dignity is denied. The project is an ongoing campaign against injustice and abuse of Dalits' human rights in the UK. This grant will enable DSN-UK to dedicate its expertise and resources to lobby the government in adopting the legislation outlawing caste-based discrimination and offering legal protection for Dalit communities in the UK.

Dalit Solidarity Network

Grant awarded: £60,000

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