MPP - getting involved

How do I get Involved?

If you feel that being part of MPP would be helpful to you, you might want to discuss it with someone you trust and then, if you want to go ahead, you should make contact with the person in the Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network (DMLN) team for your region.  You can find out which region you are in by clicking on the map to the right of this page, and then you can find the name and contact details of the right person to speak to from this list:

Gary Williams: 

Cymru Wales
Amy Adams:

North West and Mann
Alison Hulse:

Bristol and West Midlands
Andrew Roberts:

South West
Jon Curtis:

Southern & Islands
Katie Deadman:

Sharon Nugent:

East of England
Chrissie Howe:

East Central
Nigel Pimlott:

Yorkshire Plus
Rachel McCallam:

North East
Tricia Mitchell:


If, as a result prayer and the conversations you have, it is agreed that you should apply to become part of MPP, there are some simple forms to complete which can be found by clicking that button on the previous page.

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