Hope in God's Future

Hope in God's Future 

Hope in God's Future is an attractively presented report and study guide to help individuals and local groups:

  • understand the position of The Baptist Union, The Methodist Church and The United Reformed Church on climate change
  • become aware of a vital connections between climate change and the Christian faith
  • transform lifestyles through studying, praying and acting on the issues
  • inspire others in the community to live in harmony with the whole of creation

The study guide offers the full text of the report, and questions to get you thinking, ideas for creative activities, inspirational prayers and worship, help and advice for leaders, and suggestions for group sessions (lasting one or two evenings or even a whole day).

You can download your copy here

The 2009 Methodist Conference adopted sections one to four of Hope in God's Future as a draft Conference statement. All Methodists were invited to comment before it returned to Conference 2011 with minor alterations, where it was adopted as an official Conference Statement. 

Read the 2007 Methodist Conference Resolution 'Caring for creation in the face of climate change' (Word doc)
For further information please contact Steve Hucklesby.

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