National Life

The Methodist Conference of 2016 unanimously passed a resolution calling for respect and tolerance in our national life in the wake of the divisive EU Referendum Campaign. It asked that the statement below be sent to MPs and others in positions of leadership. This page makes sending the statement to your MP easier by automatically generating an email and based on the postcode you give addressing it to the correct MP. 

You may prefer to use old fashioned post to contact you MP, the text of the letter in Word format is here, and you may even consider meeting your MP to talk about these concerns. If you would like to share your replies or have any queries please contact

The form below will generate an email addressed to your MP. The text below will be in the email, but you will be able to edit the text before it is sent.

The Conference also encouraged the Methodist people to join the campaign to wear an empty safety pin as a badge symbolising solidarity against racism (please see  for details).

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