Speaking from Experience

“Nothing about us, without us, is for us”.  This powerful phrase is a reminder that the people who are most affected by decisions, should be involved in the conversations that impact on them.   People who have experienced injustice know what it is like.  They bring particular perspectives, both about the reality of those experiences, but also how things can be changed.

One of the key principles of the Justice Conversations is that we begin by listening. 

“Speaking from Experience” is a 12 minute film in which 8 people with different experiences of injustice speak about those experiences, what a just world looks like to them, and how they think a justice-seeking church can work for changes which will tackle the root causes of injustice.

There may be people within your group with experiences of injustice, but it should not be assumed they will want to talk about them.  This film is offered as a way to enable each group to begin their Justice Conversations by listening.  Other ways include listening to what people with experiences of injustice have already written or said, through books, blogs or programmes.

Download an mp4 video file of  Speaking from Experience here 

You can see the full testimonies of the people who contributed to the Speaking from Experience film, along with other contributors, here.

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