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Our Partner Organisation in China:

China Christian Council
Shanghai Headquarters, 219 Jiujiang Road, Shanghai, 200002, PR CHINA
Tel: 00 86-21-63210806; 63297946
Fax: 0086 21-63232605

Friends of the Church in China are Christians in Britain and Ireland who seek to promote contact, partnership and mutual understanding with Christians in China

The Amity Foundation are a Chinese social service organization, initiated by Protestants in China, whose projects empower the marginalised.

The Amity Foundation has advocated for the rights of migrant workers in China for over two decades. This short 1.5 minute video, Migrant Workers in China, reminds viewers of just how important the work is that migrants perform day after day in cities throughout China. 

Read more about there work Towards a Shared Sustainable Future here in a recently published book.

Steve Pearce and the Irish Methodist Church’s Lay Leader, Lynn Neilands, are preparing for their visit to China in September. It will include time with our partners, the Amity Foundation, whose latest newsletter we share below.

Amity Newsletter, Oct 2019

Amity Newsletter, July 2019

Amity Newsletter, May 2019

Amity Newsletter, Feb 2019

Annual report 2018

Annual report 2017

New for 2019: The International churches in HK have prepared a series of Lent readings which can be downloaded to a phone or tablet via an App.

The readings can be in English, Cantonese or Putongua as the listener wishes. Please try it here






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