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Rachel Ullmer is a Mission Partner with the Methodist Church and CMS, working in Lahore for the Diocese of Raiwind.

Rachel has been a Mission Partner since 2013. Rachel is a primary school teacher and uses her skills to work with teachers within the Diocese, undertaking teacher training and curriculum development work.


June 2020Our Mission Partner in Pakistan will be coming home shortly. We try not to give too many identifiable details about where she lives, but we thought you would like to see some of her impressions of life at the moment read more here

March 2020 During the Coronavirus outbreak Rachel is working with friends in her congregation to provide a food bank for those unable to earn money for food during the pandemic. She writes,

‘Here is a photo of the food parcels. They consist of 10kg flour, 2 kg lentils, 3 kg rice, 2l oil, hand and dish wash soap, chilli powder, salt, sanitizer, 2 kg sugar, tea. Prices are going up and the gov. has made an investigation into where all the flour has suddenly gone to…’


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Pray for the government and the community in Peshawar as they grieve and deal with the bombing episode... Many minority groups of various religions have been targeted recently and everyone is looking for peace.

Rachel Ullmer

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