Church Twinning

A growing number of churches and circuits are building twinning links with Methodist partner churches around the world.  Their aim is to share and learn in mission, understanding, culture and worship across Methodist communities – together.

Plymouth and Exeter district have developed a formal link with the Diocese of Cuttack, Church of North India.  They have shared in mutual exchange of ideas and people.  During the Coronavirus outbreak this relationship has helped the district to focus in prayer.  This is a great example of the enrichment and sharing in prayer through twinning.  Read the prayer here.

How do we do twinning during Coronavirus?

The You Tube service below is shared, thanks to and with permission from Wilmslow Methodist Church.  They have used their connection to Chile to enrich their worship with reflections, pictures, songs, a message from their friends in Chile (10:05-12:49) and greetings in Spanish (16:48-17:48).  The interaction is two way and their friends in Chile were able to watch are share.  Could you use some of these ideas in your worship? Could you 'Zoom' with your twinning partner? or perhaps simply share greetings sent via email?  Travel is impossible at present, but a virtual tour might be an idea?  How could you connect across the world and be enriched?

If you are interested in developing a twinning link with a church or circuit in another country take a look at our new guidelines document below.  The guidance takes you through a series of steps to support you in thinking through, developing and establishing a link that is mutually beneficial.

If you already have a link it would be great to hear how things are going and what has been shared and learnt in your efforts to understand and strengthen God’s mission around the world.

Guidelines - Our new twinning guidelines could help you on your journey, both in developing a new link but also perhaps invigorating an established one. Click here to download the document

Training - You can also prepare for your twinning relationship by watching some short films and questions here. Perhaps you could do this as part of a twinning leadership group or at your District Synod.

 and get in touch Global Relationships –

If you are interested in establishing a twinning link but need help in finding a partner church, complete and return this expression of interest form and we will be in touch!

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