24 August 2021

Covid 19- Prevention and Control – Methodist Church Upper Myanmar

This work of the Methodist Church Upper Myanmar is supported by the World Mission Fund

The ongoing health emergency in Myanmar due to Covid-19 has been made worse by the effects of the coup. Around 20 people are dying every day, and more than 60 pastors from different denominations have died, including two Methodist pastors, Rev T Lalenlina and Rev Hrangluaia.

The Covid-19 Prevention and Control Project is to be carried out in the Tahan District which is situated near the border with India and is severely affected by Covid-19, with around 60% of the population infected.  The Project is to supply Covid-related materials:  sanitizer, masks, face shields, oxygen, PPE and medicines; ImunActive, vitamins etc.  To reach people in need, Methodist Church, Upper Myanmar will supply volunteer teams from the Tahan District working with Wesley Hospital, Kalay Town, Tahan.

The amount of £15,000 from the World Mission Fund will be used to purchase: 

1,000 boxes of masks                    

1,000 face shields                               

1,000 bottles sanitizer                     

50 x 15 litre bottles oxygen        

500 sets PPE                                        


There will be two target groups; people who are already infected, and those who are not infected yet.  The main beneficiaries will be people in the Tahan District (population 2,600, of whom 60% have been infected so far), but also indirectly people in surrounding districts if the spread of the virus can be contained.

It is hoped that the project will help to cut the transmission chain and reduce the loss of life. The World Mission Fund will provide the supplies and the Methodist Church, Upper Myanmar will contribute by providing volunteers, administration and distribution.

To support this and other similar work with partners around the world please give to the World Mission Fund here.

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