21 September 2017

Earthquake hits Mexico City

We have received news from the Methodist Church in Mexico:

"It was a great joy to receive your message of support.

In terms of the church, there have been no reported victims, but seven churches have sustained damage. I am grateful for your prayers and we are going to make contact with UMCOR to seek support. We are opening up welcome centres and are taking up a special offering as a church towards the work that now needs to be done. Please continue to pray for us."

Bishop Andres Hernandez Miranda

Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church in Mexico


Please feel free to use this prayer written by Lorraine Mellor, President of the Methodist Church in Britain:

Lord Our God, creator and sustainer we come now holding in prayer all those affected by the earthquake in Mexico.  
Those waiting news.
Those grieving.
Those who are turning to you at his time of tragedy. 
Those who are crying out in fear of the situation they find themselves in.
Those who weep in sadness, grief and concern. 
Those who have lost homes and businesses.
Those who work with the emergency services. 
Those who have gone to help.
Those who are in need of you compassionate God.
Compassionate God hear our prayers as we weep with our brothers and sisters. Amen.



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