29 September 2021

Migration Crisis at the Mexico/US border

Thousands of Haitian migrants continue to attempt to cross the Rio Grande river at the Mexico/US border. The last few weeks has seen the number of Haitian migrants swell to over 12,000, many having left Haiti recently following the devastating earthquake in the Southern peninsula. Many have come from other South American nations where they have been residing for a number of years, but have felt forced to seek better living conditions because of pandemic related economic hardships across the region. Persons have set up a make shift camp under a bridge connecting the Mexican town of Ciudad Acuna and Del Rio in Texas, where they are suffering from a lack of food, hygiene facilities and are under the scorching sun as they attempt to claim asylum in the US.

The US border authorities have been heavily criticized by human rights groups for the way in which they have been pushing migrants back into Mexico, using horseback and in some photos shown by the press, whips. Several deportation planes have now arrived in Haiti, carrying hundreds of Haitians that have now been deported from the border under the US’s coronavirus-related health order known as Title 42. This order gives authorities the right to immediately expel migrants without giving them an opportunity to claim asylum, in the aim of curbing the spread of coronavirus in the US. Many Haitians are being deported back to a Haiti where there is little or nothing left for them, having lost family and property during the recent earthquake or having resided in other South American nations for years previously.

Our partners at the border, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) are working with a coalition of local organisations to see how best to support those affected by this migration crisis.

Please join us in prayer for those sheltering at the border:

Loving Father,

We thank you that every person sheltering under the bridge between Mexico and the US is created by you and for your glory. We thank you that every person there is worthy of you love and of the abundant life promised to us by the Lord Jesus.

We pray that you would use governmental and non-governmental organisations to provide enough basic humanitarian care and aid to the thousands of Haitians sheltering under this bridge.

We pray that you would fill the hearts of US and Mexican authorities with compassion and love and that this would cause them to treat all migrants with dignity, respect and care.

We pray that you give the US’ Biden administration and the Mexican government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador the wisdom and compassion needed to find lasting solutions to the border crisis.

We pray for the Haitians who have been deported to Haiti, where very little if nothing awaits their return given that many have no family or property there to return to.

We pray for Haiti as it continues to live in a state of political, economic and social crisis following a string of catastrophic events in 2021 such as the recent earthquake and assassination of the President of Haiti. Please bring lasting peace, stability and prosperity to the nation, that every Haitian may be able to live abundantly.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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