Would you like to become an overseas host church?

Are you interested in hosting an Encounter Worldwide volunteer from Britian in your church?

If you feel you would like to host a short term volunteer in your church, share your perspectives, faith and mission with someone from the Methodist community in Britain and Ireland then please get in touch!

It would be expected that the volunteer should be given as much opportunity as possible to experience the life of the local church. Volunteers come to serve alongside local staff and engage in the mission of the host church. Volunteers are self funding so there should be no financial burden on the host partner. Support to identify suitable accommodation and the provision of pastoral care to the volunteer on a day to day basis would be expected. 

Although volunteers are required to be flexible, their roles and responsibilities should be clear. With the guidance and support of the Methodist Church in Britain a placement description and job role will be drawn up.

If you know of an opportunity or role within your church that would benefit from a volunteer for 3-12 months please get in touch here.

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