Church of North India   
General Secretary ALWAN MASIH
CNI Bhavan, 16 Pandit Pant Marg,
New Delhi 110 001
Tel: 00 91 11 432 14000

Church of South India
General Secretary: THE REVD DR D R SADANANDA
CSI Centre, 5, Whites Road,
Chennai - 600 014, South India
Tel: 00 91 44 2852 1566

November 2021

The Church of South India department of Ecological Concerns published this Eco-bulletin with links to all of the great variety of webinars they have produced in  2021.  These include subjects as diverse as:  Biodiversity and Climate Change, Landslides, the vulnerability of India, Ecojustice, Ecotheology and Eschatology and so much more.  With speakers from CSI, joined by contributions from around the world.  Do take a look at this fantastic eco resource.

June 2020:  the Church of South India were quick to Respond to COVID-19, read the full report here

A prayer from the Church of North India during COVID-19

During this most challenging time of horrifying spread of Covid-19 we pray for you and for your ministry .

We trust God will certainly empower and lead the leadership in the Methodist Church in Britain to further strengthen its resolve to serve humanity and to spread the gospel of Christ .

Although Corona virus has brought many many stories of human suffering yet God has also raised men and women of courage who forgetting about themselves , have come forward to help the suffering by providing food , shelter , transportation and other needs . Many have come out as real heroes saving lives .

Once again pray for you , for the whole leadership of the Methodist Church in Britain and for the Methodist Women in Britain . Lord God will surely bless you all to lead the mission given .

Regards.Yours in His mission ,

Alwan Masihm General Secretary , CNI Synod

April 2020: Read about the response to the Coronavirus by the CSI  here

March 2020 : As the Coronavirus outbreak continues, CSI is concerned about its impact on the most vulnerable communities of India. Read more here.  

Also a reflection from CSI on Coronavirus, inequality and poverty: "Outbreaks and plagues in the past often led to the victimization of the poor and the vulnerable. We should be on the guard against the ways that outbreaks of disease have historically led to the persecution of marginalized people."   Read more here.

Read more about the CSI 'Green Protocol Guidelines', here

The National Council of Churches of India update
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