16 February 2018

A Prayer for Cameroon


 Let us Pray for Forgiveness of our Sins!

 Father of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ,

We come before you with the sinful lives.

Show your compassion to us and blot out our transgressions; the sins we have willfully committed against your most Holy name, and against our fellow brothers and sisters in the PCC.

Our poverty of service to you in your vineyard that is retarding the growth of your kingdom.

We pray you; have mercy upon us your children! We pray to you Lord; Lord hear us!

 Let us Pray for the Affected Communities within the PCC!

 Lord, we lift up to your throne of grace the PCC that is passing through very trying times at this moment.

We lift up before you the Pastors and Christians of the PCC in Akwaya, Mamfe, Meme North, Indian, Dikome, Kumba, Batibo and Bui Presbyteries; the Kwakwa, Nake, Kake, Kombone, Bole, Bafia, Owe Parishes that have had their homes, properties and some Church houses and Manses destroyed or burnt down. We pray you for the Christians and others that have been driven out of their homes and are now sleeping in bushes, exposed to all sorts of dangers. Lord, we pray for those who are now refugees in neighbouring countries like Nigeria in very insecure and unhygienic conditions. Lord, be their provider, their strength, their refuge, their help and their protector! We pray to you Lord; Lord hear us!

 Let us Pray for the Educational Sector of the PCC!

 Our Lord and Saviour, we pray for the Educational sector of the PCC that is in difficulties due to the crisis in our country. We commit the teaching staff of Educational sector of the PCC that has gone for months without salaries, that may you in your mysteries provide to these suffering children of yours. Lord, at this moment, our efforts and abilities are failing. We need your intervention to put things right! We pray to you Lord; Lord hear us!

 Let us Pray for the Pupils and Students!

 We pray for the pupils and students of our school system that have seen arson committed on their dormitories and other structures, with their belongings burnt to ashes. Lord, we pray for strength, assurance and faith that they may quickly overcome the traumas they have gone through. Lord, we pray you to drive away fear and fright that have gripped these pupils and students so that they can be psychologically stable to study. We pray you Lord Jesus Christ to be the watchman over their lives and schools in the midst of continuous threats. Give them the calmness of mind, spirit, retentive memories and success in their studies. We pray to you Lord; Lord hear us!

 Let us Pray for other Sectors and the Christian Community of the PCC!

 Lord, we pray you for the health services and other social sectors of the PCC that are in stress and distress due to the crisis in our country. The cycle of violence is dealing a serious blow, not only on these sectors, but on the entire Christian community that is getting weary and exhausted. Lord, speak to every heart of your children assuring them that you have not abandoned them but will see them through, because “weeping may tarry for a night but joy comes in the morning.” Assure us that you are our hope in such a hopeless situation. We pray to you Lord; Lord hear us!

 Let us Pray for the Leadership of the PCC!

 Lord almighty, when you appoint, you equip. We pray you for the leadership of the PCC, especially at this very trying moment. We pray that you give to the Moderator, the leader of the church and the Synod Clerk of the PCC, the Pastors, the lay leaders of the PCC and their collaborators the necessary wisdom, the fortitude and the protection they need to face and overcome the crisis your Church, children and country are passing through. Above all else, we pray for the spirit of unity of purpose, the zeal and courage to do all things through the strength of Jesus Christ. We pray to you Lord; Lord hear us!

Lord, you are reliable and dependable; worthy to be praised, worshipped, glorified and honoured.

Raise a pillar of strength for your Church,

Raise a canopy of protection over your vulnerable children.

Raise a rod and staff of support for your Church, and mobilize your heavenly hosts to lead your Church with the cross of victory.

In the victorious name of Jesus Christ, we pray.   


 Let us Thank God for the Nation and People of Cameroon!

 Our Lord and our King, you are the Lord of lords and King of kings!

By your unequalled divine wisdom, you inspired the rule and role of secular authorities over nations.

You allowed this portion and part of the world to be carved out as Cameroon.

You alone blessed this country and its people with the abundance of resources.

We thank you for the people and leadership of this country, no matter what they are and what they do.

You have allowed the leadership in place for a purpose not completely known to us but known to you.

We thank you for the nation of Cameroon that has enjoyed some peace before now. We pray to you Lord; Lord hear us!

 Let us Pray Against the Sins of the Nation of Cameroon!

 Lord, it is true that righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to the people.

A country becomes cursed and the people suffer when sinners control the state machinery.

We pray you, Lord; look mercifully upon the nation of Cameroon and its people.

May you forgive the individual, collective and institutional sins of the people of this country!

Forgive the intentional and unintentional sins of the people of this country.

Many have laid down evil plans to exploit, extort, loot and plunder the resources of this country at the expense of the suffering masses, oppressing the people and disrespecting the sacredness of the  human lives.

Lord, if you keep a record of the sins of this people, who will escape being condemned?

Blot out the individual, collective, institutional, spiritual and moral sins of the people of this country.

Let your face shine upon them that they may come out of the present socio-political crisis, that they may come out of the rampant shooting and killing of both civilians and soldiers! 

We pray to you Lord; Lord hear us!

 Let Pray for the Government of Cameroon!

 Father Almighty, all civil governments have been allowed to govern your people by you.

We pray for the government of Cameroon, beginning with the President, the Ministers,

Governors, Divisional Officers, Government Delegates, Senators, Parliamentarians, Mayors

Traditional and Religious Rulers into whose hands you have entrusted the material and spiritual

welfare of your children. Fill their hearts, minds, souls and spirits that they may rule your children with the fear and wisdom that comes from you alone; for the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!

Hold their consciences captive until their individual leadership rule and role aligns with your divine will of justice, peace and welfare for all Cameroonians. We pray to you Lord; Lord hear us!

 Let us Pray for the Affected Cameroonians!

 Our God and our King, with your own eyes you have seen the inhumanity and atrocities committed on your children, both young and old. Many have been killed, some found and buried and others wasting in bushes. Many have been wounded; some mortally and others maimed for life. Many have seen their homes and property burnt down, money seized, women raped; many have been tortured and robbed in mud and in unhygienic waters. Many have been hospitalized with no money for medical care. Many have been imprisoned under very inhuman and torturous and starving conditions. Many have lost their dear ones; both the military and the civilian populations. The atrocities are more than we can bring before you, but you know everything because you are omniscient! Crying, mourning, weeping, wailing and sorrows have filled the eyes and minds of the communities of these affected people; especially the Anglophones. Lord, you are the only one who has the power to put an end to the sufferings and pains your children are passing through. We pray to you Lord; Lord hear us!

 Let us Pray for Youths of Cameroon!

 Lord of creation, children are a gift from you to fulfill your divine Will for your world in creation. 

We pray for the youthful population of Cameroon that is in the majority. The vast schooling majority of the Anglophone community of this country is not schooling because of the crisis. They have gotten themselves into all sorts of criminal activities because their minds have become the devil’s workshops. A whole generation stands to be sacrificed on the altar of political and power tussles. Lord, we are mindful of your warning that “it was better for a millstone to be hung on the neck of anyone and plunged into the sea that misleads little ones like these than for such a person to live.”   The Anglophone communities are in a mess! We pray for your divine intervention to take your children out of this mess! We pray to you Lord; Lord hear us!

 Let us Pray for the Civilian Population!

 Father of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, you are the defender of the defenseless;

You are the strength of the weak, the protector of the vulnerable and the shelter of the exposed.

Look upon your civilian population of the Anglophone regions that stand completely exposed to the bullets and brutalities of the soldiers and other armed forces of adversity.

Total insecurity and uncertainty have engulfed your children. Quite often many of them sleep in bushes for fear of brutality, killing, destruction and looting of their property. Hunger and starvation now threaten the people more than ever before because they are under attacks and cannot cultivate their farms accordingly. Lord, you are always ready to help and provide shelter to you children in times of trouble. Your children need your decisive action to stop this evil upon them, even now! We pray to you Lord; Lord hear us!

 Let us Pray for the Military of Cameroon!

 Oh Lord God, Mighty one in battle, we bring to your presence the military of the nation of Cameroon.

The national army is there for the security of its citizens, while many are conscious of this, others are just so willing to use their weapons against the armless civilians. The people now live in total fear and suspicion of their military! They now see their military as an enemy not as protectors. They now stand to rise against their own military. We pray you Lord to breathe into the hearts and minds of our soldiers a new spirit of being there for the civilian population and not against them. We pray you to give them the wisdom and ability to deal in a trustworthy and confidence building manner with the civilian population. We pray to you Lord; Lord hear us!

 Let us Pray Against Spiritual Manipulation!

 Our Victorious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, your children of the nation of Cameroon are not only in physical bondage, but are under wicked spiritual forces, rulers, authorities and cosmic powers of this Dark Age that are manipulating them.  We are not looking for carnal weapons to fight against them, but the kind of authority you gave to your servant, prophet Jeremiah over nations and kingdoms to uproot and pull down, to destroy and overthrow and to build and plant your divine power and presence among your people. Let every demonic stronghold; let every false spiritual argument against your word; let every proud obstacle against your will; and let every thought be held captive to the obedience of your only Son Jesus Christ in the nation of Cameroon. We pray you in the Mighty and victorious name of Jesus the Christ. Amen


Rev Fonki Forba – Moderator of Presbyterian Church of Cameroon

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