David and Sarah Hall

David and Sarah Hall were based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where they worked with the Church of Bangladesh's Social Development Programme (CBSDP). The goal of CBSDP is to empower the rural poor people around issues of health, women's rights and human rights and to provide vocational development opportunities for both young people and adults - especially women.  David worked as a development facilitator, helping with the management and operation of the overall development programme. He helped CBSDP plan and undertake a successful organisational evaluation. Sarah tried to balance looking after three children with working part-time as an education advisor.

On Saturday, someone said to me there was a saying that if it rains on a Saturday it will rain for seven days. Now we are on the third day of rain, I can well imagine it continuing! The rains have arrived and everything is looking beautiful and green. However, alongside this is the muddy, flooded roads and water in many people's homes making life harder than normal.

David Hall

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Q & A's with David and Sarah from their time in Bangladesh:

What has been your greatest challenge?

The challenge now remains to implement the many recommendations made. Pray that God would grant wisdom and guidance to all the
leaders as they seek to do this.

How do you think God is guiding you?

We often feel God gently guides us through developing new ideas and partnerships, often from the networking we have done with other agencies.

What has surprised you most of all?

We are often surprised by the variety of work we end up being involved in - from writing proposals to donors to being 'your guide' for visitors!

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