Graham and Jenny Longbottom

Drs Graham and Jenny Longbottomare from Dalbeattie and served as Mission Partners in the Solomon Islands from 2009 to 2014. They worked as Medical Superintendents at the Helena Goldie Hospital in Munda. The Solomon Islands is a developing country of about 500,000 people that struggles as a state economically and politically. The 55-bed hospital covers a population of 25,000 people who mostly live in remote villages accessible only by canoe. Please pray for the future of this community and the hospital that struggles to provide appropriate health care under severe financial constraints and also for Graham and Jenny.


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Working in a Christian hospital where each day begins with lotu (time of worship) and there is prayer with the patient before every operation...We sing, pray, read from the Bible and someone shares a few thoughts. The theme for September was "bearing good fruit". We looked at the difference between a life lived according to the flesh & one according to the Spirit. I was struck by the fact that the fruits listed under the Spirit reveal to us the nature of God.

Jenny Longbottom

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