Howard and Rosie Mellor

Revd Howard and Rosie Mellor served as Mission Partners in Hong Kong from 2011 - 2016. Howard was a Senior Pastor at the Methodist International Church in Wan Chai. Rosie is a supply teacher at the Kellett School.



Read these reflections by Howard on democracy and freedom of religion in China in his article here.




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We had a series of amazing services and parties as we said 'goodbye' to the MIC building. The prayers used as part of the three overflowing services we had are also attached to this letter. During the parties we wrote prayers on a huge fabric sheet which we will use as a prayer wall this autumn. An extension of this was to encourage people to write prayers and comments on the walls of the building. Many were stunning, but the one at the entrance of the church hall tells a deep story of why this is a fabulous church to be part of and a privilege to lead.

Howard Mellor



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